We guarantee quality products and services.

We guarantee quality products and services.


Since 1952, Fitzmaurice Fertilizer Inc has been there for local customers who want the highest quality fertilizer, weed and pest control products, or landscaping products.


Our company is open 5 days per week, Saturdays are seasonal, to help you with your needs when it comes to fertilizer and other products.


Get the high-quality fertilizer that you need for your crops and fields from us. You'll be sure to get the best possible results by using our high-quality products.


When you're looking for top-notch products and service, rely on a team with over 52 years in business.

Quality landscaping products


Weed and pest control help

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Quality Brand Fertilizer and much more


It's hard to make a lot of progress when your land is under siege by pests or your garden is becoming a target for weed growth.


Our pest control products are perfect for eliminating and preventing infestations by gophers, moles, and many other types of pests.


Furthermore, our weed control products will kill weeds while also preventing future weed growth, helping you clean up your land with better results.

You can always come to us to pick up your necessary products and supplies. We supply the latest pest control products available.

Whether you're after landscaping supplies or other lawn care and landscaping products, we can help.


Our products include quality bark dust, fir and hemlock, and much more.


Our affordable prices make our products a wonderful bargain.

It's important to us to provide you with the service that not only emphasizes quality in our products, but also convenience.



With a tradition of excellence that spans over half of a century, our family-based business has been helping customers in Marion and Polk counties to improve their land's performance.